Do you have a pension in the UK you would like to bring to NZ?

Perhaps you’ve already transferred your pension and now you’re wondering if the NZ QROPs Scheme your adviser recommended is right for you?

We offer friendly, objective and understandable pension advice for UK expats. We can help you:

  • Navigate the complexities of UK pension rules and determine if a transfer to or within NZ is right for you

  • Determine if you should convert your Pension to NZ $ or leave it in UK £

  • Understand and prepare for any tax liabilities in NZ or UK

  • Keep up to date with your QROPs once its transferred with online reporting and regular reviews

Plus we’ll liaise with your UK Pension provider to get your transfer completed with a minimum of fuss.

And our fees are very competitive, with minimum upfront fees and cost-effective QROPs investment options.

Contact us for a free no obligation chat about your UK Pension.

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